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Crate Training Your Puppy

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Crate Training Tips

Crate Training Tips!

Hi Everyone:
There's no need to go crazy trying to housebreak your new puppy. I have two suggestions, crate training and treats!!!
Works for me like a charm!!

Crate training should be easy and fun for both you and your new puppy. It's not a substitute for housebreaking but instead a supplement.
First of all, keep in mind that your new puppy is like a new baby, their bodies have not formed sufficiently enough to hold bodily functions for hours on end. Take your puppy outside frequently, in the morning upon awakening, after eating and naps and a couple times before you go to sleep. If you choose, put paper by the door you will use to take your puppy out. Be consistent in times you take your puppy out. Soon enough they will get accustomed to the schedule you develop. When they do their "business" outside reward them with treats and praise him. Hugs and love go a long way in training your new puppy. Take them back to the same spot outside each time so that they will smell their own scent. Soon enough they will associate outside with potty time.

Get a training crate. Petsmart and Petsupermarket have them. They are invaluable. Get one large enough that when your puppy is full grown it will still have room enough to stand up, turn around and lay down in it with room to spare. Do not get an extra large crate for a Yorkie for instance. A small will do just fine. Do not get an airline crate. The crates I'm talking about are training crates. Ask the representative at the store, they will be glad to assist you.

Once you get your training crate home, assemble it and rinse the tray with a damp paper towel and then wipe dry. I then like to line my crate tray with newspaper. Some of you may prefer to line your crate with white paper that is available in craft stores. It keeps your puppies cleaner as newspaper print will come off on your puppy. Think of the crate as your puppy's new home in your home. Make if fun and pleasing. Your puppy should never be crated for hours on end, but eight hours at night is fine. Or a couple hours during the day if you have to be away from home.
The first few weeks are important. Your new puppy is adjusting to new people, new sounds, new scents etc. It's a whole new world to this little one. Be patient and loving. Let the puppy adjust to its new environment gradually. After lining the whole bottom of the crate with newspaper, I then take an old towel folded and lay that down at the back third of the crate, over the newspapers. I put the water and food dishes in the crate too. Donít forget to put a few fun toys in the crate for your puppy as well. The towel at the back third of the crate for the first week serves several purposes. They do not like to "poo" where they sleep. They will lie down on the towel and "poo" on the paper.

The second week I unfold the towel so that half of the crate is lined with the towel and only one half of the paper is showing. Put your food and water dish on the towel part if you have to at this point. The third week I unfold the towel more so that only one third of the paper is showing. Many puppies are easily trained with this method and with quicker results. As I said earlier, please keep in mind that this is not a substitute for potty training outside. You need to be consistent with taking your puppy out several times a day.

Make the crate a wonderful new home for your puppy.  After your puppy is trained leave the door to the crate open.  You will find that your puppy will go back to the crate to take a nap or fetch a toy from it.  The crate can give your dog a sense of security if the training is done correctly.  Always put the crate where your puppy can be amidst the rest of the family, Never leave your puppy isolated in a laundry room or an out of the way area.  If you do that the puppy will associate the crate with isolation.  Puppies are lovable, they want to be with you.  Make crate training a positive experience, be good to them and you will be rewarded with years of love!

For more information on crate training go to your local bookstore.  There are many good books on this subject and training in general.  You may also want to consider hiring a personal trainer.  Their knowledge and expertise is invaluable.  

Best Wishes and Remember, A Little Love and Patience goes a Long Way.  You will be rewarded with many years of companionship and Unconditional Love.  Well Worth It!!

Article Courtesy of Carol


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