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Curbing Barking Behavior in Yorkshire Terriers

Every Yorkie owner knows that they're pet will bark occasionally such as someone coming to the door or at an unusual noise. This is to be expected but when your dog starts excessive barking, that is another story. Whether it is a tiny Yorkshire terrier or a huge Great Dane, excessive barking is annoying and disruptive. All dogs bark on occasion to communicate, which is perfectly natural, but when your Yorkies barking becomes continuous, an annoying habit, and a nuisance, it is them time to curb their barking behavior. Not every idea works on every Yorkshire terrier as they each have their own personality, so you may need to try a couple of barking behavior solutions until you find the best one for your dog.

Yorkies often bark because they lack the proper socialization skills and feel territorial or threatened. When a pet Yorkie barks every time someone walks by the house, the neighbors go out, or other normal everyday occurrences, it quickly becomes a nuisance. Working with your dog on socialization and training skills can help overcome this annoying problem. Take your Yorkshire terrier for a walk around your area so he meets children, people, and becomes accustomed to different sounds, sights, and smells. Make a point of putting your dog on a leash and taking him with you to chat with neighbors. This helps reduce the dogs stress level making him less likely to bark continuously at every little sound or person. Take your dog to obedience class to learn obedience commands and then use these in daily situations. Never yell at the dog when he starts barking excessively but instead, go over and say 'No Barking' putting him in the sitting position. When your dog stops barking, praise him. With socialization and training practice, you can curb your Yorkies continuous barking.

The 'Quiet' command also works well on Yorkies that bark excessively, often, and for no apparent reason. Be sure to have a pocket full of treats handy to reward your dog. When your Yorkshire terrier starts on a barking binge, wait until he stops barking for a second or two and say 'Quiet'. Immediately give your Yorkie a reward and praise him. Consistently use the 'Quiet' command over the next week or so, giving your Yorkie a treat and praise, until he recognizes and understands the command. When you say 'Quiet' and your dog immediately looks for its treat, you know he understands the command. You can now use this command to curb his barking behavior. If your Yorkshire terrier continues to bark, say 'No, Quiet' sharply and clearly to get the dogs attention and if he stops, give the dog a treat and praise. If the verbal correction did not stop him, put his leash on and remove him from the area until your Yorkie is calmed down. Continue this 'Quiet' technique until it works every time and curbs his excessive barking behavior. Remember to be consistent.
Article courtesy of Terrific Pets.com

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