Care Tips for Your Yorkie Puppy


Yorkies require special care and attention, especially concerning their grooming, health needs, socialization, and behavioral challenges, such as separation anxiety and barking. Therefore, after purchasing and settling your Yorkie puppy into his apartment, the next step is to observe certain care tips that will help maintain the health and wellness of your Yorkie.

Below are some of the top care tips for Yorkies:

Grooming Requirements

Grooming is an integral aspect of Yorkie maintenance. Yorkies are renowned for their high maintenance, especially concerning their grooming needs. That includes bathing, brushing, and dental care.


Yorkies are known for their long, flowing, silky hair; however, while this is amazing to behold, it also means that they require more grooming than other dog breeds. It is essential to bathe your Yorkie once every few weeks to eliminate dirt and natural oils. Only use shampoos with pH levels of between 6.5 to 7.5 to bathe your Yorkie. That is the required pH level for nourishing your pet’s hair and eliminating tangles without causing skin irritations. Thoroughly wet their coat while bathing your Yorkie and apply a limited quantity of shampoo. Run your fingers softly through their fur to remove any dirt or stain. Pay attention to every part of your pet’s body, especially the genitals, rear, legs, and underside. If your pet has allergies or sensitive skin, consult your vet before purchasing its shampoo.

Hair Care

Your Yorkshire terrier requires regular brushing to eliminate dirt and dead hair and untangle hairs that are stuck in the coat. A Yorkie’s hair consists of two layers, which require proper brushing to keep it shiny and clear. It is especially important to brush your Yorkie’s hair daily if it has long, flowing coats. Experts recommend using pin brushes to help untangle hairs. Using a soft bristle brush for Yorkies with short coats is highly recommended. Regular brushing helps to distribute body oils, giving your puppy a healthy sheen.

Dental Care

Another important grooming tip for your Yorkie is dental care. Like humans, Yorkies also require proper oral care to help avoid various tooth conditions, like tooth decay and early tooth loss. Yorkies and toy dog breeds, in general, are prone to different kinds of dental challenges due to their tiny jaws. Therefore, brushing your Yorkie’s teeth every day is important. Only utilize dog-based toothbrushes and toothpaste. Brush gently to avoid causing gum injuries and pain. Once you spot gum discoloration or bath breath, contact your vet immediately.


Generally, Yorkies do not require much food due to their small stomachs. A cup of the meal is sufficient to carry your Yorkie for the day. However, it is important to establish and follow a feeding schedule to avoid confusing your puppy about when to eat and when not to. Your pet’s diet is primarily derived from dry kibble. Wet meals are generally not recommended because they don’t enhance gum and teeth growth but expose your pet to dental challenges. To make your kibble more appealing to your Yorkie, experts recommend soaking it in warm water before serving it.

Furthermore, you can spice up your Yorkie’s feed by introducing various dry treats between meals. That helps to lower the risks of stomach bile which is fairly prevalent among toy dog breeds that do not eat for extended periods. Avoid giving your pet rawhide while selecting their treats. Rawhides are dangerous to dogs, particularly toy breeds, because it is a choking hazard and can cause stomach and intestinal blockages. Fruits and vegetables, like bananas, baby carrots, green beans, strawberries, and sweet potatoes, are great choices for treats.

Exercise Your Yorkie Regularly

While Yorkies are small dogs, they also require regular exercise to keep fit and maintain optimal health. Your Yorkie requires a minimum of 30 minutes of thorough and vigorous exercise. Walk them daily around your home or in the park. You can also purchase high-quality dog toys they can use to play in your garden. Lack of regular exercise can cause health challenges, such as obesity. Exercise is a great way to socialize your dog and help them get along with every family member. Participating in your pet’s exercise routine also allows you to bond with your pet. You can play games with your pet, like fetch and tug of war.

Visit Your Vet Regularly

Toy dog breeds are prone to several health challenges, making visiting your vet for period check-ups essential. Some common health challenges Yorkies experience include intestinal worms and eye and ear infections. Taking your Yorkie regularly to the vet helps identify and manage potential health problems early on. Vets also offer booster shots to protect against infectious diseases like kennel cough and rabies. Vaccinations are great preventive measures, and common vaccination campaigns include vaccination against ticks, heartworm, and fleas.


Taking care of a Yorkie is a challenging but rewarding experience. Yorkies are adorable little dogs that are coveted for their devotion and affection. The tips above are valuable guides on caring for your furry companion!

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